The following plan has been established to resume Little League Baseball Activities while protecting and supporting our Board Members, Volunteers, Players, and Spectator’s health. SHNLL will endeavor to comply with all Washington State and King County guidelines with respect to social distancing, masks and return to play.  Currently Washington State is in Phase 3 which allows SHNLL to engage in practices and competitions.  Baseball and Softball are considered Moderate Contact Activities under the March 22,2021 Sporting Activities Guidance provided by the State of Washington.

General Guidelines For On Field Activities

Masks:  In Phase 3 Masks are required for participants in moderate contact sports such as baseball and softball, during practices and while not actively competing in a game, and when on the bench waiting to play. Players may remove facial coverings while actively playing a game. Masks are required for all  volunteers, umpires and coaches at all times pursuant to the State’s current Guidelines.

Hygiene:  The State currently requires athletes, coaches, umpires, and any other volunteer to practice good hygiene including washing hands frequently, covering sneezes and coughs, and using hand sanitizer that contains 60-95% alcohol content when water and soap are not available.  Athletes should not share water bottles, uniforms, towels, snacks. No sunflower Seeds and No Spitting.

Cleaning:  The State recommends cleaning high touch surfaces and disinfecting shared equipment before and after each use.  Disinfectants should be registered by the EPA for use against COVID-19.  Current list can be found here:

Physical Distancing: Physical distance of 6 feet must be maintained between volunteers and any spectators at all times with the exceptions for training, medical personnel and volunteers performing their medical duties. Six feet of distance must be maintained among athletes when not engaged in sporting activities.

Records and Contact Tracing:  Teams should keep a roster of each athlete, volunteer, coach and parent at each practice, training session, and contest in the event of possible exposure.  Washington State Guidelines provide that each team should maintain the roster for 28 days after the practice or game.

Quarantine/ Isolation:

Any player, manager/coach, umpire, volunteer, spectator, etc. with any of the following conditions shall not attend a practice or game until evaluated by a medical provider and given clearance to do so:

·       Active COVID-19 infection

·       Known direct contact with an individual testing positive for COVID-19

·       Awaiting COVID-19 test results

·       Symptoms of COVID-19 – fever, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, sore throat, chills, headache, body aches, extreme fatigue, recent loss of taste or smell or any other symptom of COVID-19


·       Anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 shall notify the coach/manager and that person shall follow the procedure for isolation and quarantine sent forth at


Managers/coaches should also confer with their contact tracing records and any person or people that have possibly been in contact with the infected player/parent/or person shall also follow the procedures set forth by Washington Department of Health for isolation and quarantine.


Teams can practice under the following guidelines:

-         Players should be spaced out by a buffer zone of at least six feet.

-         Smaller Groups of 5 or 6 (or less) in stations are recommended and encouraged.

-         All coaches, managers, volunteers and players must wear masks at all times.

-         Players are encouraged to bring and use their own bat and helmet. If players must share equipment, the game day disinfecting guidelines below apply to practices.

-         No spitting, No gum, No Sunflower Seeds.

-         Players should refrain from touching their  mouth  or face after/or before touching or going to the baseball.


Game Day Information


General Information

These Gameday Physical Distancing Guidelines are the minimum baseline required by SHNLL to participate in games.  These guidelines are subject to change if government/health officials release stricter requirements.


Team Requirements

Printed copy of these guidelines to post in dugout

Add to First Aid Kit:

▪       Hand Sanitizer

▪       Disinfectant wipes or Lysol spray


▪       Alert players and families that anyone feeling sick SHOULD STAY HOME

▪       Upon arrival, coach/team rep is responsible to ensure:

▪       All players and coaches wash / sanitize their hands

▪       Gates, benches, poles, etc are all sanitized

▪       Coaches and umpires stay 6+ feet apart to discuss game rules

▪       Umpires review guidelines at home plate with both teams


Players/Team Gathering

▪       Maximum of 5 players/coaches in dugout at one time

▪       On offense:  Dugout is used to prepare for at-bats

▪       On defense:  players can be in dugout unless there are more than 5

▪       Players not in the dugout can congregate outside of dugout, but must remain 6 feet apart

▪       Suggested spots: bleacher area, lined up outside fence along foul line, bullpen area. Will be based on field configuration

▪       Celebrations should be kept to a minimum - refraining from all physical contact


▪       No post-game handshakes, use alternate ways to acknowledge opponents (hat tip, etc.)

▪       Coach / team representative responsible to sanitize gates, benches, poles, etc. after all players leave

▪       If another game follows at same site, exit the facility quickly

▪       Games times should be spaced out by at least 30 minutes to allow time for all pre/post-game protocol

▪        Coaches for next game must follow all pre-game sanitization protocol

▪        Players and fans must wait until all participants from the previous game have exited the facility before entering

Fans Attending Games

Fans who choose to stay for games must adhere to the following:

▪         No sitting in the bleachers or bleacher area that is designated for players and coaches

▪         All fans should bring their own chairs and sit or stand a minimum of 6 feet apart - practicing social distancing guidelines

▪         Exception for those that live in the same household



Miscellaneous Guidelines

▪         No sunflower seeds, gum, spitting allowed for players, coaches, game officials

▪         Players not allowed to go to their mouth to improve grip on the ball

▪         All participants required to provide their own clearly marked water / Gatorade bottles

▪         Limit sharing of equipment - bats, gloves, catchers gear

▪         Anything that touches the head or face should not be shared unless disinfected prior to use (helmets, catchers mask)

No Team Snacks/Drinks allowed unless individually packaged and separated into separate bags/containers for each player.